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Annual Report 2011

8 Apr 14

The Prime Minister today laid before Parliament the Annual Reports of the Interception of Communications Commissioner,  the Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Kennedy and the Intelligence Services Commissioner, the Rt. Hon. Sir Mark Waller. The reports cover the Commissioners’ assessments of their independent oversight of public authorities’ use of lawful  interception, acquisition of communications data and other warranted techniques under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA, 2000) and the Intelligence Services Act (ISA, 1994).
The Commissioners conclude that the intrusive powers granted under RIPA and ISA are being used properly and appropriately. Their reports set out in greater detail how they form  this judgment, including details of 
•    How they conduct their oversight, including where possible of the principles applied during inspections, whom they meet and matters discussed.
•    How interception, communications data acquisition and surveillance activities are authorised either internally with public authorities or by Secretaries of State.
•    The total number of warrants and authorisations for interception, communications data and other warranted activity signed in 2011. 
•    Errors reported to the Commissioners in 2011, including the reporting public authority and steps taken to minimise such errors being repeated.
•    The Intelligence Services Commissioner’s assessment of compliance with the Consolidated Detainee Guidance.
Lawful Interception, communications data acquisition and other warranted techniques remain essential tools of the security and law enforcement agencies in order to fight crime and protect national security. The increased use of such powers needs to be balanced by effective compliance with legalities and focus on best practice.
The 2011 Commissioner annual reports are, therefore, accompanied by a confidential annex containing matters not for disclosure within a public report without compromising national security. This annex, refocused to include greater detail on how the Commissioners work with public authorities to improve compliance in relation to more sensitive matters, will be distributed to a group of senior intelligence officials responsible for agency compliance or oversight of warranted techniques.
The reports can be accessed below.

Annual Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner for 2011

The Prime Ministerial Written Ministerial Statement